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This was my first blogging used wordpress,and I’m really excited with all features than the others have,even newbies like me.I used to blogging with my phone (I blogging) and ofcourse it’s spend more time and uncomfortable to uses it,not same as we use computer.We can’t upload file and using drag & drop menu,but we still can put some HTML code on it.I have alots of blog,but just two blog (WP & Bravenet I think..) I can put HTML code in the page using my phone.For all opinion,thank’s for WP

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  1. First off welcome to the great warm community of WP!

    Mobile blogging is quite tricky when it comes to decorating theme layout, methinks. However it’s such a fun WP having this feature intact for mobile bloggers like us! I blog from cellphone, too.

    Best regards,

  2. Thank’s Baba..Let’s make a community for blogger mobile like us.If there is a good opinion for complete users,please give me an messages.:-).
    *Bagi mobile bloggers Indonesia,bagaimana menurut pendapat anda..?

  3. Haaa..sama sama
    Sie juga mobile blogger meski gak pure mobile tapi utk posting artikel dan menjawab komen lbh seringan mobile praktis sih bisa dimana mana
    Jadi pengen belajar lebih banyak disini..sie juga pengguna soner w830i

  4. Silahkan mbak Sassie,saya juga masih harus banyak belajar…saya juga Soner koq,saya pake G502:-),cuma saat ini tutorialnya saya buat dilain blog.Nanti kalau ada kesempatan saya akan posting tentang mobile blogging,tentu saja lewat HP;-).

  5. abseeeeennn…
    slm buat anak istri bos.. 🙂

  6. Udah di absen koq;-)

  7. waa…welcome to blogosphere…… 🙂
    terimakasih udah mampir ya om

  8. […] September 2008 adalah pertama kali saya membuat blog in dan posting pertama saya adalah Try The New.Dan berlanjut hingga sekarang […]

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